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Design and build websites that work and look great on any device you can imagine.

Your own test farm.

Add as many or as few screens as you want to help with responsive design on your website.

Use the 'sidebar' controls to quickly change breakpoint, access Dev Tools, change screen orientation and more


Leave the repetition to us.

Every action you take is replicated across all of your open windows, from scrolling, to text input and button clicks.

Great for testing and QA to ensure your website performs as you'd expect across devices.

Custom Breakpoints

Every size catered for.

Use the built-in breakpoints or create a collection of your own using the simple and intuitive breakpoint editor.

You can edit each breakpoint as well, but don't worry, you can reset them to the built-in defaults if you want.

Developer Tools

Control yourself.

Open Chrome developer tools for each screen. This allows you to debug and edit styles inline for each of your breakpoints.

Focus Mode

Free from distraction.

Focus mode allows you to work on one screen at a time. It utilises all of the available space of the app whilst ensuring breakpoint widths and heights are respected.


Just a quick reminder.

Access a history of websites you've visited and quickly navigate back to them.

Window alignment

Line 'em up, stack 'em high.

Allow the screens to flow horizontally or vertically, giving you the best view of your website.

Touch Bar Controls.

If you have a MacBook with Touch Bar support, you gain access to handy shortcuts for the most common actions.

Get it free. Forever.

You shouldn't have to pay to be more productive.